Help needed identifying boards

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 15:19:52 2004

At 10:24 AM 2/17/04 -0800, Frank McConnell
>Patrick Finnegan <> wrote:
>> So does this mean no one has a clue what any of these are?...
>No definite information. Sorry, don't have a lot of time to do
>research right now.
>Your 02116 board looks like it is made to fit a 21xx of some sort.
>9885 is a single 8" floppy drive in a box, and came in two flavors,
>9885M being "master" with controller and able to have up to three
>9885S "slave" drives connected.

   Yeap. It was probably HP's first 8" floppy disk drive. It used SS disks
and only held about 270k per disk. It used a 16 bit parallel interface.

>9895 is a box with room for two 8" floppy drives, and I think had an
>HP-IB interface so would have an internal floppy-disk controller.

   Yeap, the 9895 replaced the 9885. It used DSDD disks and held about 1.4
Mb per disk IIRC and it was HP-IB.


>-Frank McConnell
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