CP/M and other software...

From: Patrick Rigney <patrick_at_evocative.com>
Date: Tue Feb 17 15:46:20 2004

Through the generous donations of several individuals (especially Gaby
Chaudry for allowing me to mirror her site and Barry Smith for a copy of his
archives) I now have available over 600MB of CP/M software and data, as well
as machine-specific information, from a variety of sources.

I'm making this available now, although I'm not finished organizing it
(there's a lot of duplication, gaps, etc.). Also a lot of the archives are
in old (current-at-the-time) formats, and I will be indexing them for easier
traversal. This has already been done for most of the ZIP archives,
particularly those from Barry's collection.

Please feel free to browse/download. I've hobbled the bandwidth a bit at
the moment just to get a feel for how much this may affect my network, so
please forgive the temporary configuration of the server.


Suggestions, pointers, info about broken files, donations of missing files,
etc., are all appreciated!

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