For free: TRS-80, software, manuals etc. (Cambridge UK)

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 08:04:47 2004

Someone just gave me a boxed Acorn Electron and donated a Tandy TRS-80
Colour Computer 2 at the same time.

I have no desire to hang onto the Tandy. It seems to power up ok and be
in very good condition under the dirt (it needs a clean!) - no case
yellowing etc.

Comes with:

  Fitted dust cover
  Couple of boxed cartridges
  Several original tapes
  TV + tape recorder leads
  Tape recorder (standard 80's thingy)
  Operation manuals etc.
  Several large Tandy Basic turorial books etc.

It was destined for the skip otherwise so I couldn't say no - somebody
*please* take it off my hands :-)


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