FS: Compaq Proliant 4100 with Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 (Model UE) interface

From: John Boffemmyer IV <john_boffemmyer_iv_at_boff-net.dhs.org>
Date: Wed Feb 18 06:48:16 2004

Damnit Sellam, getting me when money's tight! lol. I was looking for a unit
such as that about 2-3 years ago (with mounting gear)! At the time, I had
a bunch of old Seagate 4-10GB drives (the 10LB, used as a weapon models)
that needed to be put into something so they could be used as part of a
Linux system I had planned on building. If I remember correctly, I had a
similar unit, but no mounting gear. =( Since then, most of those drives
have been parted out. I think I gave one or two to my friend Dave W. in
Conn. for a project he was working on. Oh well, maybe next time when
another job rolls in.

-John Boffemmyer IV

At 09:47 PM 2/17/2004, you wrote:

>I just got in a Compaq Proliant 4100 Storage System UE with Wide-Ultra
>SCSI-3 interface (Model UE). It has 5 drive chassis and dual hot-swap
>power supplies. Both supplies fire up nicely, fans come on, all
>pertinents LEDs show normal operation. I have no drives to test with so
>selling as-is.
>Interested? I'm not expecting much. Make an offer. Best offer by 2/21
>gets it. Reply directly (private mail). List responses will be mocked
>and derided.
>Shipped weight: 55lbs
> >From ZIP code 94550
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