New find: Nascom.. umm 2.5.. a.. ish

From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 13:03:01 2004

> > What?! You can't chuck the case out, it's part of the machine and a
> > example of how people used to build their own stuff back in those days.
> > it look anything like this one? (the wooden one, not the plastic one)
> >
> >
> Now that is one gorgeous box! How deliciously quaint :)


Catch Sellam next week on "Antique Computers Roadshow"...

Gee, I'm sorry Mr. Smith. If it had its original finish and compliment of
screws, it would be worth 14 million dollars. But, since someone "cleaned
it up", it's only worth $1.98. I'm sure it's still very important to your
family history and you'll treasure it always.
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