OS/2 Warp question - MPTS?

From: John Willis <willisj_at_atlantis.clogic-int.com>
Date: Wed Feb 18 17:15:39 2004

To get any sort of networking on a non "Connect" version
of Warp 3, you'll need to download MS Lan Manager client
from their ftp site (ftp.microsoft.com). This includes
drivers for most NIC cards... although I'm not sure how
good its support of PCMCIA NIC cards is. However, I have
found that most newer Linksys (and comparable) NIC cards
still have OS/2 drivers available (though you may have to
look for them). Configuring MS LAN Manager can be tricky,
and I would highly reccommend looking for a copy of Warp
Connect. You can install the networking portion of it without
installing the whole OS from scratch. I have a system
running both Warp 3 connect and Warp 4. Plays quite nicely
on my LAN, running the latest fix paks and Mozilla's latest

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