OT? What 8bit Microprocessors still available new?

From: John Honniball <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
Date: Thu Feb 19 14:58:12 2004

Ron Hudson wrote:
> Who would be interested in a *new* classic computer..

I would! I have some minor plans to build one.

> it would have room for almost 640K of memory,
64K, surely?

> What Microprocessors are still being sold new? 6502? Z80?

Not many. You may find that only the high-volume distributors have
any of the 6502, Z80 or 6809 generation -- and you'd have to buy
in *huge* numbers. But having said that, many CPUs are simply not
made any more. So, you'd have to go to a specialist in obsolete

> It would consist of a small board with RAM, ROM, CPU, and a serial port.

I was thinking of 6809, 27256, 62256 and 6551. Maybe 6522, maybe

> Is anyone interested?

Oh, yes!

John Honniball
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