Philips MAB8031AH-12P CPU

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 15:57:38 2004

> Some of you guys probably have piles of databooks lying around :-)

Well, I happenm to have 2 shelves of Philips IC databooks...

> Can anyone tell me anything about a Philips MAB8031AH-12P CPU? Is it a
> clone of anything more common? (given the 12MHz clock speed, 40 pin DIP
> and a mid-80's build date, I doubt it)

But I don't need to look at them to tell you that's an 8031
microcontroller. That's the ROMless 8051 (so there's no internal program
ROM to worry about, it'll have a '373 or '573 address latch and an EPROM
alongside it). Pinout is the same as the 8051, excepet that you always
tie EA high to disable the non-existant internal ROM (actually, in a lot
of cases the intenral ROM exists, but it corrupted/non-fuctioning. It was
once said that most 8032's actually had corrupted versions of 8052 BAISC
in the ROM, and were 8052-BASIC chips that had failed the ROM test, but
which worked in all other respsects)

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