New find: Nascom.. umm 2.5.. a.. ish

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 16:44:21 2004

> > It's housed in the biggest, ugliest wooden case ever so that's going to
> > have to go! The system board is a Nascom 2, whilst the PSU says Nascom
> Whatm and ruin its character? I would leave it intact, if only to serve
> as an example of how hobbyists sometimes made the ugliest enclosures for
> their computers.
> > 3a - maybe there was a crossover point when that practice was common?

I htink you've both misinterpretted the markings. The CPU board is a
Nascom 2 board (to distinguish it from the Nascom 1). The PSU is a 3A (3
amps) unit... It was quite a normal PSU to use with the Nascom 2

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