OT? What 8bit Microprocessors still available new?

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Thu Feb 19 17:30:23 2004

> > Or just sacrifice an old Apple //e (common as dirt) or C64 (common as
> > lint) and use the chips inside.
> Please! only sacrifice non working machines, Dinosaurs may have been as
> common as dirt once, but you don't see many of them now. I understand
> that at least for C64 the main failure point is the SID chip...

Actually, no ... it's the PLA, most of the time. The SID won't cause a
non-working machine if it's blown (I've blown SIDs many times on SX-64s
due to a well-known board fault on the video port, and the machine still
works, just without sound, of course).

> p.s. anyone have a common as blue lint C64SX I could have (the portable
> C64)?

If I wear a blue shirt, I get a lot of blue lint ;)

They're not too hard to find, in any case. Don't buy them from eBay, find a
private collector. For the two I own, I paid a grand total of $30 (really).

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