OT? What 8bit Microprocessors still available new?

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Thu Feb 19 18:06:39 2004

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> Who would be interested in a *new* classic computer..
Me, if my "Build a 6502 computer" project flops. At the moment, I need
veroboard, DIN41612 connectors and turned-pin IC sockets.

> What Microprocessors are still being sold new? 6502? Z80?
6502: Still manufactured by The Western Design Center:
Z80: The CPU that refuses to die (!) - Zilog still make it IIRC:
CDP1802: Do Intersil still make 1802s? IMHO the architecture is "a bit"
quirky. Then again, I learned assembler on a 6502.

> It would consist of a small board with RAM, ROM, CPU, and a serial port.
What sort of UART? 16450? 16550?
I'd be very tempted to add GPIB (aka HPIB, aka IEEE488) just because it's a
very usable bus for connecting stuff like disc drives up.

> Best use would be to connect it to a PC running a terminal emulator for
> IO and Mass storage.
I'd also add an IDE interface and an 80MB hard drive - fun factor again :)

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