"This old SGI" page - anyone have a copy?

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Fri Feb 20 07:17:23 2004

Damn site was working a couple of months ago, now Yahoo/Geocities claim
it doesn't exist, and Google seem to have done a spendid job of only
caching half the page, which is nice of them.

Unfortunately the bit I want is to do with the 4D-25 machines which is
on the missing part :-(

Don't suppose any SGI collectors have their own archived copy of the
page do they? (It was just the one page to the site IIRC; it was just

Original page was:

I won't post the Google cache link as it's huge. Does Google's web cache
- upon finding a big page - just cache half of it? Surprised they don't
either cache a whole page or nothing at all to be honest. Half a page
isn't much use to anyone :)

I *finally* got around to picking up that SGI which I posted on the list
about just before Christmas. I need to wire up an adapter cable for a
later SGI keyboard (I can borrow said keyboard from the museum then just
to make sure the system I got works), plus it'd be nice to know what
graphics options I have. There are a couple of daughter boards on the
graphics board so hopefully it's one of the better-specced systems...


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