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Date: Sat Feb 21 02:12:04 2004

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> All Electronics has a retail store in Van Nuys, see
> The store has a lot of stuff that's
> not in the catalog, some of it is computing related. I was always
> impressed by the cheap electronics gadgets that they had.

That's where I picked up a PDP 11/05 several years ago. On my way to John
Lawson's former abode, I stopped off at their shop but it was closed (it's
right around the corner from my uncle's house). However, I ogled through
the window and spotted the 11/05! On the way back from John's pad I
stopped in again and they were open. I went straight for the rack where I
saw the 11/05 and it was still there (only a day later). I got it for $50
(their asking price...they wouldn't budge on it, but hey, at $50 I'm not
complaining--I'm just a cheap bastard ;)

> Apex Electronics ( in San Fernando
> always has some interesting stuff. Less consistent than C&H, but
> that just means that you're likely to find something you weren't
> expecting :-)

It kinda sucks that it seems there are more surplus shops in the L.A. area
(though spaced much farther apart) than in the Bay Area now. We've only
got about half the shops we used to (3 or 4). Even in the last couple
years a couple more closed down. I remember growing up in L.A. and there
were eletronics stores all over. Priorty 1 Electronics in Canoga Park
was like a mecca with all that cool Apple ][ stuff (that I couldn't

Ah, memories...

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