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From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 10:11:50 2004

On Saturday, February 21, 2004, at 07:12 AM, John Allain wrote:

>> {SValley} We've only got about half the shops we used to (3 or 4).
>> Even in the last couple years a couple more closed down.
> What about these:
> WierdStuff, Halted, Alltronics, Haltek. All OK?
> John A.

Weirdstuff - still there big selection if you count
the as is area. Most everything I have gotten from
them has been from as it, I don't remember buying
anything broken...

Halted - Mostly componets resistors, capacitors, transitors
IC's. Some 486-pentium systems, Test Equipment. but Lots o

Alltronics - closed I think...

Haltek - definitly closed

Also a bit farther north in oakland there is another
place - Mike Flynns? (aargh nuron is sticky this morning
and wont fire) anyway I sure someone else can come up
with the proper name...
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