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Date: Sat Feb 21 17:18:29 2004

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> Surely there are some other car parks and suchlike in the area that could be
> used? A few years ago, someone booked out half of the local supermarket's
> car park for a day (Sunday IIRC) for a car-boot sale. Not sure how much the
> supermarket charged them to do it, but the sale got more attention than the
> supermarket :)

Knowing how this sort of thing works, I'm sure it's very difficult, with
all the zillions of acres of blacktop in the Silicon Valley, to find a
suitable location. There are all sorts of regulations, liabilities,
insurance issues, etc. The insurance concerns, above all, are what keeps
anything from being done. In fact, with the state of the insurance
industry today, and the requirement from everyone and everything to
require insurance to do anything, I'm surprised this country functions at

I hope it works out. Foothill was great but those parking lot cops were a
bunch of fucking pricks. I'm glad it's moved and I hope it has found a
permanent location for the next 20 years.

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