lk401 keyboard protocol?

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 11:40:09 2004

>>>>> "der" == der Mouse <> writes:

 der> Does anyone know of any doc on the protocol spoken by the LK401?
 der> I've got one, and while I can deduce some of the protocol from
 der> the NetBSD driver, there are some problems. Specifically, both
 der> shift keys give me the same code, and both "Alt Function" keys
 der> and the right-hand "Compose Character" key are completely dead.
 der> While the shift keys could be wired together, the presence of an
 der> LK_KEY_R_SHIFT define argues against that, and surely the other
 der> three keys are not supposed to be dead.

 der> I conjecture that at least some of this is because it's running
 der> in LK201 mode; on comparing it to an LK201 I note that the three
 der> dead keys have no obvious analogues on the LK201.

I can't offer LK401 specifics, but just in case it helps, you can find
the complete LK201 description in the PRO 300 series technical
manual. An online copy lives in
or ...V2.pdf. I don't remember which of the two volumes has this.

Looking at some old code of mine, it looks like the LK201 indeed has
just one code for the shift keys, so that particular question won't be
answered this way, but it may still be useful to give you background
data about the protocol.

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