Equipment upgrade in process - anyone need this?

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 14:18:45 2004

Hello, all:

        I'm considering upgrading the server equipment in my house and before I
shift things around or consider selling stuff on eBay I wanted to see if
anyone may be interested in the system I have. I keep this equipment in the
shop, which in a ranch-style house, is below the bedrooms. The half-dozen
fans are pretty noisy and my kids complain about the drone. So, I'm want to
put together something a bit quiter :-)

        The server is a Compaq ProLiant 800R rack-mounted dual Pentium Pro server
with 384mb of RAM, a 9gb boot drive and a Smart 2DH RAID controller. The
RAID array is in a Compaq ProLiant U1 rack-mounted array which contains 5
9.1gb hot-swap ultra-wide 7200RPM SCSI drives. I also have some spare system
components to go along with it.

        The stuff is heavy but shippable by UPS in two boxes (I have the original
crate for the U1 enclosure). It's been in continuous service for two years
now. The server came off-lease from Ernst & Young. The U1 crate was new as
were the drives. It presently runs Windows NT4 Server.

        If anyone might be interested, please contact me off-list. Shipping would
be from 11791 and figure that one box weighs 50 pounds and the other about
35. I'd be interested in swapping it for an IMSAI 8080...ha ha...just
kidding. About $300 plus shipping would do it.



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