Unknown QBUS board

From: CRC <technobug_at_comcast.net>
Date: Sun Feb 22 15:32:50 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 11:04:03 +0100, Sebastian Br?ckner
<sebastian.brueckner_at_epost.de> schreibt:

> A few month ago I acquired a VAXstation 3200. It runs runs very nicely
> with a Emulex UC08 SCSI-Controller off a 1GB full-height SCSI-Disk.
> There is one QBUS card in the system that I can't identify.
> As far as I know the VAX has been used for measurement data aquisition
> in a physics laboratory.
> The only connector to the outside is for a 40-pin ribbon cable. I got a
> very long (10m I guess) cable with the box so I suppose it is using
> some
> kind of differential data transmission.
> Unfortunately I don't know what was connected to the other end of the
> cable. Probably the card is useless without that second part (maybe a
> A/D-Converter?).
> The board occupies all 4 slots and is populated mostly with small ICs
> of
> the 74xxx series and some PALs.
> The Label says:
> MODEL D1571
> MODEL 2922-Z1B
> I did not find any usable information on he net. Does anyone of you
> know
> what this board does?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sebastian

You have the Qbus part (KSC2922) of a KSC2922/3922, Qbus CAMAC
interface. CAMAC (Computer Automated Measurement And Control) is an
instrumentation system extensively used in the nuclear/high energy
area. The other end of the cable that you have connected to a rack in
which various and sundry instrumentation modules could be placed. IIRC
the CAMAC bus was 24 bits and the hardware that you have either packed
the data 24->32 or various other packings. The basic standard is IEEE
583. There are a number of standards covering a serial interface as
well as software APIs.

What you need now is to find a CAMAC bin and the other end of that
interface and you can become a nuclear terrorist ;))

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