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Date: Sun Feb 22 18:30:55 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Andrew Strouse wrote:

> Sellam wrote:
> > (I'm amazed that there are fan pages for this show.)
> Why's that? I've got every episode and the 2 movies on VCD. Taped them off
> USA and TV Land. He did use a car battery charger and 2 half dollars to
> weld up a piston on an irrigation pump in episode 6, "Trumbo's World". And
> no, he didn't have a welding mask :-)

Why? Because in the past month I happened to catch snippets of two
different episodes and found them to be so mortally cheesy as to wonder
how it ever made it into the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th and 6th season, and
what I ever saw in them.

But that's what happens to any good show. It starts to go downhill after
a while.

When I was watching it back in the day, I remember MacGyver explaining
everything he was doing in a voiceover, which was very educational. In
the episodes I saw, he was just doing stupid things like trying to remove
fifty year old dynamite from a hundred year old shed and trying now to
fall through the floor boards and thus set off the dynamite. Why didn't
he do something MacGyver-like, such as finding some nearby plants with the
right neurtralizing elements and concoct a substance that he could then
spray onto the dynamite using a spray bottle that he manufactured out of a
bicycle inner tube? That's what the OLD MacGyver I remember would've

I forget why they needed to remove the dynamite in the first place. In
fact, there really was no reason to remove the dynamite, other than to add
a lame cliff-hanger scene to the show.

Anyway, it's probably better that I don't try to catch any more episodes
of MacGyver. I guess my life now is so much more exciting than it used to
be that MacGyver now seems lame in comparison.

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