vax 730 console boot image file?

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 19:35:35 2004

Michael Sokolov wrote:
>As I wrote before, I have a mutilated (by VMS) 730 console tape image. Since
>it's mutilated, it's not on my FTP site right now. But it's still better than
>nothing, so I'll dig it up.


even a multilated image would be better than nothing :-)

>> I have a tape which claims to be current but I can't read it (yet).
>> I'll debug the tu58 shortly [...]
>When you do, please read a block image of your tape, as I really need a virgin
>block-for-block image of an original 730 console tape that is not mutilated by

Will do. That's been my plan from the start. I got new rollers but the
drive seems to be broken in some way and needs debugging. I'd like to
at least see if the cpu is ok before I get started on that.

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