REPOST: Re: VAX 11/750 tu58 images

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 20:46:49 2004

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>Thanks alot, btw. Now I've gotta set up a serial line to the TU58
>connection on my 11/750 to probably a PC to run tu58sim on for now. I
>just have to find the pinout of that connection in one of the many
>PDF's I've downloaded on it.

If it helps, I made a linux version of the tu58 emulator. No big deal,
just the standard "sgtty to termios" conversion and some header file

Also I have a little TTL/RS-232 board I make for hacking ceiva picture
frames and I hacked one since it has a DB-9 and a 10 pin header -
perfect for the TU58. I'll make one for you if you like; I just take
out the converter IC and add 3 wires. (maybe trade for a tu58 cart? :-)

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