Hollerith (was: lk401 keyboard protocol?

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Date: Sun Feb 22 22:52:04 2004

In message <20040222202842.V77297_at_newshell.lmi.net>, Fred Cisin writes:
>On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 blstuart_at_bellsouth.net wrote:
>> >> > > 39th? Shouldn't it be older than that?
>> Methinks ol' Herman must have been born on February 29, 1848.
>Feb 29, 1860.
>Therefore, 35th birthday (1900 was NOT a leap year)

DOH (accompanied by the distinctive sound of a palm and
a forehead making rapid contact)! And afer all the times
I've covered the leap year example in class, how could
I have forgotten that. Of course, since I was working
from 39th birthday, I would have ended up with 1844
which would still have been off.

>The reason why the 1890 census was expected to take too long
>to process without Hollerith was:
>A) There were too many dinosaurs to count
>B) Volts flowed slower in those days
>C) They were using MICROS~1 software
>D) There was a shortage of 1s to use in making binary
>E) The need to invent hanging chad

Gee I thought that it was because they were being sued
because the idea of counting people violated SCO's
intellectual property.

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