Trying to ID odd board

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 01:36:36 2004

I've got a PC ISA board here that is interesting and I'm trying to
identify it. The only markings of note on the board are Okidata 21025.
There is a daughterboard fitted to some sockets on the main board and it
has markings of "OKI KV96-X8D" and "PU1036-4924". The main board has an
Intel i960, and two SIMM slots (populated). It's also got two OKI chips
with the following markings:

IPC Rev.2.0

HCC Rev.2.0

The backplate has 2 RJ14
jacks and a DA-15 (er, the connector is actually bigger than an A shell,
like a Mac video connector). It also has an audio jack.

It could be a modem. It could be a voice board. It might be both. What
is it? Anyone? Anyone?

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