Greedy E-bay idiots!

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 10:19:07 2004

Curt Vendel wrote:
> Actually there is a new phenomenon happening now and anyone interested
> in jumping onboard should move now.... Ebay is organizing all around the
> country "Drop Off Centers" Where the non-technical, non-interested can
> just pull up with their stuff, drop it off, give their prices and the
> drop off company will photograph and post auctions/sales onto Ebay and
> charge a commission for the sale of the items.

This would be a wonderful thing to do! And along those same lines, it
should be pointed out that ebay is *not* the only way to sell stuff
online. Part of the value of these "Drop Off Centers" could be knowing
when to put something on Ebay, and when to put it somewhere else. I *do
not trust* Ebay to do anything other than look out for their financial
interests. Ebay is not always the best venue to use for selling things,
but it does take work to find and develop other outlets.

FWIW, I ran across a 1997 book titled "net.gain" by Hagel and Armstrong
published by Harvard Business School Press that details the authors
thoughts and experiences with developing online communitites.
Excellent!!! If I were to guess, I would say that this book was studied
and put into practice by the people at Ebay. Basically, it makes five
points to define a virtual community:

1) Distinctive focus as to membership.
2) Integration of content and communication.
3) Emphasis on member-generated vendors.
4) Choice among competing vendors.
5) Commercially motivated community organizers.
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