PerSci manual wanted (classiccomp)

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 15:26:58 2004

Hi, Herb.

On Feb 14, 14:31, Herb Johnson wrote:
> Saw your msg below while searching the Web about Persci drives.
> I have a 277 manual, courtesty of Cromemco, in my inventory.
> I normally sell copies by the page but I would trade for copies
> of some of your manuals. Confirm you are still interested and
> we can work the details. I have the Persci 277, 299, (8-inch)
> manuals; what is the 207 and 272?

At the time, one of the places I looked was your site and I recall (I
think) seeing your manual. I've since been given a PDF copy, though,
so I don't need a "real" one.

As to the models, as you probably know, the 277 and 299 are twin drives
-- they take two disks -- the 277 being single-sided and the 299B being
double-sided. I only have the full spec for the 277/299, so I'm not
sure but I believe the 270/272 are single-mechanism versions (ie they
take one disk, not two).

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