MSCP protocol docs

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 05:18:26 2004

Several weeks ago the subject of MSCP docs came up. I think there may
be a scanned copy of AA-L619A-TK (MSCP Basic Disk Functions Manual) out
there somewhere, though I can't find it, but not, AFAIK, AA-L620A-TK
(Storage Systems Diagnostics and Utility Protocol) and AA-L621A-TK
(Storage System Unibus Port Description). These are the three
components of the UDA50 Progammer's Kit, QP-905-GZ (which, despite the
name, isn't really UDA50-specific)

I have all three. Anyone in the UK or Netherlands want to scan them?
 The three documents are respectively 170pp, 46pp, and 58pp.

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