From: pugliese <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 08:21:08 2004

This is what I have and will be selling in the near future. Two sol-20's both working perfectly in original condition. One is fully loaded with everything you could get from the factory(64k, networking board, ect). The other has either 4k or 16k (?) it acted as the others slave and does not have all the boards. Both have original monitors. I have all the documentation from the manuals to copy's of receipts, and original software (cp/m, cbasic). A micropolis 1054 5 inch 4 stack of drives which I still need to test just to be sure it still works( I cannot even find a reference to them on the online). And one decwriter with the form feed option and a built in keyboard. So you could network all this stuff and have three separate inputs (it is pretty cool). I have not decided how to auction them off yet (as a collection or individually). Any who that's what I got so tell me what you think if any one wants a preemptive bid let me know.


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