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Date: Tue Feb 24 17:38:49 2004

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Jay West wrote:

> I'm bidding on an item, and I'm pretty sure the seller has another (0
> feedback) account and is bidding up the price. I don't see any spot on ebays
> website where I can raise this issue. Is there someone I can bring this
> issue to there? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Well, I'll respond publicly with a less than helpful message: don't
bother. First of all, finding the link is a matter of getting really
lucky. It's buried 87 levels deep and you have to cross a bridge with a
troll under it to get to it. Even if I could remember the path I took a
long time ago to get to it, it's probably changed by now. (I.E. I get the
impression that they really don't want to be bothered by their users.)

Second, if they even do find an interest in pursuing the matter, it'll
take days, even weeks perhaps, for any action to take place. The chances
of them even responding to you are very low.

Basically, your best recourse is to inform the bidder that you suspect
they are shilling and retract your bid. If you're not the high bidder
then no problem, but if you are, good luck. You might want to point to
all your evidence and tell them if they give you any grief you'll turn
them in to eBay (but that's sort of a hollow threat anyway, re: above).

I present this to you from experience.

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