Need simple file transfer program

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 16:22:48 2004

I am moving files from old Bernoulli disks to a PC. I've got an old
version of Laplink that works under DOS 3.3 but it has one big problem for
file transfers: it's assuming that you're trying to sync up your laptop
hard drive with your desktop, and vice versa. As a result, it doesn't
allow you to specify a directory to move files into. It just copies from
C: drive on the source to C: drive on the target, in a mirroring fashion.

So, does anyone know of a very simple serial port file transfer program
that I can use to do remote file copies? It would have to have powerful
wildcard facilities so I can just do a dump of whatever is on the
Bernoulli cart to a directory on the remote hard drive.

By the way, the problem I was having with reading the Bernoulli carts had
to do with the controller and/or driver apparently. I was using a more
recent Bernoulli drive controller without success. I got my hands on what
I believe is the original/first controller and the drivers for it, and I
was able to read the carts. The other controller can't make sense of the
disk format and returns a read failure, but they do work as I can format
carts with them and copy files to and from those carts. I just can't read
the older carts with the newer controller and drivers.

So if anyone has any old Bernoulli carts they need to get the data off of,
let me know.

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