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From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 22:20:01 2004

The TPO's were 3COM 509's (bad children) I had many issues with those
adapters, I especially had issues with them playing well with others.
On a few installs of Novell and Win NT servers, when 2 or more of these
were in the servers I found that they had to be installed one at a time
and configured one at a time then they could all be installed and
tested... However have a 509b-TPO and another nic like SMC or Intel
and talk about seeing a piece of h/w throw a tantrum.


Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>I have a 3Com 3C509B-TPO (16-bit network adapter) in a 486 PC running in
>DOS 6.22. All the drivers are loaded and working and I can connect up to
>my Win2000 box and mount its volumes locally. All good.
>But when I try to transfer large files the DOS system invariably locks up.
>I have to do a cold boot. I played around with the BIOS, disabling one
>feature at a time until I found the culprit. Once I disabled the Internal
>CPU cache then things worked fine.
>So my question is, why?
>3Com's 3C509B FAQ didn't address this issue and I couldn't find anything
>from Google.
>I don't expect an answer really. This is one of those problems that only
>occurs to one unlucky person somewhere in the world at the worst possible
>moment. Fortunately I can move files but it would be nice to know what
>might be the problem if there is a solution.

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