Need simple file transfer program

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 23:33:35 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Fred Cisin wrote:

> scrap the entire serial port copncept; hook up a zip drive, and xcopy the
> bernoulli to a zip disk?

I wish. But again, I'm forced to use DOS 3.30, and I'm going under the
assumption that anything I try that is "exotic" will cause me more trouble
than it's worth.

I could've tried to move the Bernoulli drives to a more modern PC (hoping
the controller would work on a PC with a bus rate greater than 8Mhz which,
from what I glean from the documentation of the new Iomega drivers, won't
fly), booted that PC with DOS 3.30 (so the drivers would work), then
format a local hard drive under DOS 3.30 so that I can move the files to
it, then--and assuming that all works--boot back into DOS 6.22 so that I
can get back on my local network, move the files over to my Win2000 PC and
then burn the files to CD. Too much work, too many if's, too much room
for continued aggravation.

But anyway, I just got a copy of Fastlynx and it's working spectacularly
(thanks Bruce!)

It's projects like these that remind me that I actually hate computers.

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