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Are there certain machines you are trying to appraise? I've been saving
eBay auction results (in a single file archived html format) for machines
that I am interested in. I'm up to about 1100 auctions starting in April
2002. Let me know if you would like me to dig into it for you.


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> does anyone keep track of real-world prices for old machines? I get the
> impression from past list traffic that there are price guides available
> for classic computers but they're next to useless anyway.
> I have a few odds and ends which don't fit into the current collection
> that I might want to part with, but have no idea what they're
> realistically worth. I'm used to giving stuff away, not selling it :)
> Do ebay or any other sales sites allow you to look at prices fetched for
> past items to give a rough guideline?
> cheers
> Jules
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