Need simple file transfer program

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 06:06:45 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 08:23, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:22:48 -0800 (PST)
> Vintage Computer Festival <> wrote:
> > So, does anyone know of a very simple serial port file transfer
> > program that I can use to do remote file copies?
> ZIP or ARC the disk into a single file and transfer it with kermit?

I was just pondering that one too and you beat me to it :)
I believe there's even a version of tar that'll work on versions of DOS
that old, although zip would probably seem the most sensible for a DOS
to DOS transfer.

Sellam already knows laplink works at that speed. The only detail we
haven't got (unless I missed it) is how much free disk storage there is
on the machine hosting the Bernoulli drive - if there's no local space
free then it's a good reason for having to do a file-by-file transfer
straight off the Bernoulli...

> Install an old NE2000 or WD8013 network card and NCSA-Telnet. Run the
> NCSA ftp server and use ncftp or wget recursive ftp-get options on the
> other side. More work, but faster then serial link.

I suspect that less work on behalf of the human is the goal, and never
mind if it takes an hour or a day to actually transfer by itself :)

(I remember shunting a copy of Win95 across to my old laptop via
interlink once - boy was it slow!)


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