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From: Robert Krten <root_at_parse.com>
Date: Thu Feb 26 07:23:46 2004

William Maddox sez...
> > PS. There is a NICE PDP-11 waiting to sold at VCM. Note I don't have the
> > cash for it, or a way to get shipped safely here.
> If you compare the picture of this machine with with the 11/20 on Guy Sotomayer's site,
> the front panel of the machine on VCM looks like it has been (inexpertly) modified. In fact,
> it looks like it has holes in it at the lamp positions, not even neatly lined up, as if drilled with
> a hand drill. I asked the seller about this, and he told me that the machine had LEDs, not
> lamps, but claimed that it came that way. I inquired about what appeared to be drilled
> holes, and asked for some better closeup pictures, but never received any. I suspect that
> this machine was the victim of a lamp-to-LED "upgrade" by a previous owner, unless it was
> some kind of prototype that was never meant to be sold to a customer.
> Here is a picture of what I think a PDP-11/20 is supposed to look like, with a smooth front
> panel surface like the PDP-8/L of similar vintage:
> http://www.shiresoft.com/pdp-11/inventory.html

Well... other 11/20's look a little different :-) :-)


The 11/R20 is the first picture...


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