afrts 33 RPM records from the 70s - what do I do with them?

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 12:11:30 2004

  Exactly what this has to do with legacy computing escapes me, Steve -
but speaking as a person with many many years in the music and film
business, and also many years (to the present) of audio restoration and
media conversion experience:

  Are any of the titles NOT available on CD as compiliation or re-issue?

  If any are NOT (and the titles you gave are all very common everywhere)
are the discs in pristine, maybe-never-played condition, in inner and
outer sleeves?

  Have you looked at the vast array of Vinyl Record Sellers on eBay and
elsewhere to compare your items with prices/desireability??

  We now return our readers to their regulary-scheduled Legacy Computing
Mailing List.


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