An oldie but goodie...

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> The DECserver-100 -- the first LAT terminal server from DEC
> -- was almost ready for release. It came in a fairly small
> box, about the same dimensions as two fairly large laptops
> stacked on top of each other. It had terminal connectors
> with snap latches on the side.
> Ken came in at the last minute and decreed that (a) it had to
> go into a larger box, and (b) it had to use different
> connectors, the MMJ connectors. The result was that the
> initial release of that product came in a large box with a
> small PC board inside, and 8 jumper cables to connect from
> the original terminal connectors on the board to the MMJ
> jacks in the new cabinet. Needless to say, this caused a
> significant product delay as well as some highly annoyed engineers.

I always reasoned that the DS100 was that size was so it could be easily
rackmounted once you'd taken the plastic clamshell case's long
enough ago now for bits of product history (from the reseller side) to be
merging in my head and my old Systems & Options catalogues are a long snowy
trudge away in the garage....I remember that the DS100 was a 16 port DB25
server....wasn't it the DS200 that was available in either 16 port DB25 or
two harmonica style MMJ boxes? The DS300 incorporated the MMJs in the back
so it obviously wasn't that one. (and I've got one downstairs :)

Either way, there's some good reading in that article....


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