Linux Box + DOS 3.2 box + (1)5.25 floppy drive (okidata 3305BU) = HELP!!!!!!!!

From: Mike <>
Date: Sat Feb 28 22:36:51 2004

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On Thursday 26 February 2004 23:28, Lyos Norezel wrote:
> Hey y'all... I need some help. I recently acquired a Compaq Portable(ye
> right... at 35LBS no one is crazy enough to carry this machine around)
> II... with a hard drive and a 5.25 floppy disk drive. The hard drive
> apparently has MSDOS 3.2 and some Novell application. When booted up it
> first checks the memory then it checks active partions... then it starts
> going in some kinda loop looking for a file server that isn't there. I
> don't have any other 5.25 floppy drives so I am unable to create disks to
> transfer files to this box. I was wondering if it was possible to connect
> the floppy drive to my linux box and copy the files to the disk(s) from
> there and retransfer the drive to the compaq to use. Problem is that the
> Linux box is an RH9 platform on a PII (686) system. Would RH9 even have the
> needed drivers for a drive this ancient? Can this be done or am I, for all
> intensive purposes, screwed? Lyos Gemini Norezel

mtools might let you read the disk if the bios/controller of your linux
machine wil let you attach the floppy. I couldn't mount atari disk the other
day but mcopy let me transfer the files.

dd will let you copy the disk image back to a floppy

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