Nice 19" rackmount chassis with integrated VGA CRT

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sun Feb 29 19:26:41 2004

I'm wanting to unload this fine 19" rackmount cabinet with a built in 9"
VGA (SVGA?) CRT. Unfortunately, something is definitely wrong with the
CRT. It runs very hot, even when not turned on. There might be a short
somewhere (it might even be on the yolk as there are some lead wires from
the yolk touching itself where it doesn't look like it should). I was
smelling some magic smoke earlier, so something is surely amiss. I wish I
knew what or I'd fix it. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time. But
it's a nice chassis and I'd hate to junk it. It includes a P-90
motherboard with 3 ISA and 3 PCI slots. I'll max out the RAM. It has a
540MB hard drive as well.

Does anyone want to make an offer? I'm not expecting much. You could
probably repair or replace the CRT with enough ambition. Would make for a
very nice compact rack server.

Shipping would be 45 pounds from ZIP code 94550. Figure about $35
shipping worst case.

E-mail me if interested.

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