Strange Old Disk

From: Neko <>
Date: Sun Feb 29 22:09:41 2004

    I picked this disk up the other day knowing almost nothing about
mainframe storage methods. I've spent hours upon hours trying to figure
out what exactly this is but the closest thing I can get to it is an
RL02 removable cartridge disk, but it's not (I think)! I don't see how
the same drive could read these since the holes are so much different,
but it's the same general idea.

    I'm not sending attachments, I put them on a
site for you to look at, the url is ,
any and all information you could give me about this disk would be
greatly appreciated, I'm still in the dark about it, and have found very
little reference at all to CDC ever making a cartridge like this.
Thank you!

Best Wishes :)
Received on Sun Feb 29 2004 - 22:09:41 GMT

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