DECserver 90L+ for trade

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Thu Jan 1 17:48:04 2004

  As faithful readers of The List will remember - I have three
DECserver 90L+ ethernet terminal servers - which I tried very hard to make
work like RS232 muxes - alas; I failed.

  So I would like to offer two of them in trade for a pair of RS232 mux
boxen having 4 ports minimum, up to 8 or so - don't need more that 4 or 5
ports, but units having more are good too... and using some kind of
copper between them (no fiber units - I have copper everywhere in the
house, or soon will, but I'm too retro to be pulling glass around).

  I do think I'll hang on to one of them to try and use in my upcoming
multi-purpose server scheme.

  These seem to work nicely, they were taken out of service - they have
the power supplies and a four lengths of real Dec cable, along with 3 or
four BNC Tees. No terminators, unfortunately...

  I'd like to do a straight swap - I'll ship FedEx anywhere in the world -
lemme know what you might have.

  Cheers and let's all have a Nicer 04 - hmmm?

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