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> There's nothing remotely similar to this number in either of my
>Signetics data books. Are you sure that it's a Signetics part? The "MC"
>sounds more like a Motorola part. Is there a date code on the part?
> Joe
>At 04:01 PM 12/30/03 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hi Eric,
>>I saw something you put on the web last year. Do you have an old
>>Signetics data book? I'm trying to find a schematic for the inside of a
>>Signetics MC3361 chip. Can you help me. Thanks.
>>Bob Carson

I found following in IC-masters 1986: (p114, c2)
MC3361 is a Motorola part, but there is also a part made by Signettics
known as PCD3361.

according to Mot. it is the low voltage version of MC3357, and that is an:
Low power FM-IF for dual conversion scanning receivers.

The signeticspart (with similar number!) is discribed as:
programmable multi-tone telephone ringer.

So nothing to to do with computers, hope it helps you anyway.

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