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From: Paul Williams <paul_at_frixxon.co.uk>
Date: Sat Jan 3 03:55:52 2004

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> What I'd really like to know is how to change colors while in text mode on
> the VT340. It doesn't take ANSI color strings ( ESC [ x ; y x ), so it's
> gotta be someting else if it is possible.

The Text Programming manual doesn't provide much information about this,
except to say (offhand, while dealing with differences between the VT241
and VT340) that the VT340 maps character attributes to colours, if
you've set the "Color Map" feature in the Global Set-Up screen to "color 2".

Colour map entry 7 corresponds to normal, 8 to negative and 15 to bold.
It doesn't say how combinations of visual attributes map to colour map
entries, so I'd set up 7 to 15 in different colours and experiment!

There are two ways of setting up the displayed colours:

1. Using RGB or HLS coordinates in ReGIS mode. (Easy, as you've got the
Graphics Programming volume)

2. Uploading all the colours at once, using DECRSTS to restore a colour
table map. This needs some experimenting, so here are some hints from
the manual:

Request Color Table Report (DECRQTSR)
CSI 2 ; Ps2 $ u
where Ps2 = 0 -> HLS (default); 1 -> HLS; 2 -> RGB

The terminal will send back a Color Table Report (DECCTR)
DCS 2 $ s D...D ST
D...D is the data string containing the color table information. The
data string is divided into groups of five values, as follows.

Pc; Pu; Px; Py; Pz / Pc; Pu; Px; Py; Pz / ...
Pc is the color number (0 through 255).
; (semicolon, 3/11) separates the parameters.
Pu indicates the universal coordinate system used (1=HLS,2=RGB)
Px;Py;Pz are color coordinates in the specified coordinate system.

Param HLS Values RGB Balues
Px 0 to 360 (hue angle) 0 to 100 (red intensity)
Py 0 to 100 (lightness) 0 to 100 (green intensity)
Pz 0 to 100 (saturation) 0 to 100 (blue intensity)

You can then restore color table information with:

Restore Terminal State (DECRSTS)

DCS 2 $ p D...D ST

where D...D is as above. You could try restoring a partial table with
this method. I'd like to know what happens.

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