HP 5036A

From: Mike <dogas_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Sat Jan 3 10:16:29 2004

> Hello, I read in some posts online that you were planning on making
> available some info on the HP5036A Microprocessor Trainer Lab. I just
> bought one on eBay (without any manual) and I am interested in learning as
> much as I can about this. Do you have any materials online? Can I buy
> photocopies from you?
> Thank you in advance,
> Joe Felix
> jfelix_at_iac.net

Hi Joe,

I haven't seen any online info yet, but here's some specifics in the memory

    demos & utilities

        ECHO, 04d7, input switches to output LEDs
        ANDGT, 04e0, ANDed input switches with outout
        CONV, 04f8, conveyer belt controller
        WTM, 053e, well tempered micro tones
        SORL, 055a, squirrel feedback shift register display
        ORGAN, 0599, keyboard tone generation
        ROCT, 05f9, rocket blastoff
        STW,0662, stopwatch
        SNAKE, 06c2, snake paddle game

        BEEP, 0010, beeps
        BEEP1, 0012, beeps using B for freq
        BEEP2, 0447, beeps B freq, D duration
        KIND, 014b, keyboard input to A
        KPU, 0185, scans keyboard, clears ZERO fl. if key is pushed
        SDS, 01c8, segment data from 0bfa-0bff sent to display
        DCD, 01e9, display codes from 0bf0-0bf5 to display
        STDM, 0018, six char message pointed by DE loaded into obf0-obf5
(for DCD)
        DELA, 0429, 1 ms. delay
        DELB, 0430, delay 1.ms x BC reg. pair
        RS1, 0008, software breakpoint

monitor rom, 0000-07ff
user program area, 0800-0aff
user data storage and stack, 0b00-0bb0
monitor data storage, 0bb1-0bff

input port, 2000
output port, 3000

- Mike: dogas_at_bellsouth.net
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