PDF Scanning problems

From: Richard A. Cini <rcini_at_optonline.net>
Date: Sat Jan 3 12:33:01 2004


        I'm trying to scan a Northstar Horizon manual and I'm having a funky page
sizing problem. All of the pages are letter (8.5"x11") size. I'm scanning
them using a USB-based ScanJet 5200c with an ADF and directly through Adobe
Acrobat 5.

        Here's the problem. Although each page is the same size, the scans are all
different sizes. I've tried forcing the scanning software (HP Precision Scan
2.0) to "letter size", which doesn't work, and there doesn't appear to be
any way within Acrobat to resize larger. I can crop smaller but not increase
the scanned page size.

        I'm not wed to Acrobat, just the PDF format. If there are better tools out
there for the Windows platform that are cheap (as in free or close to it),
I'm game. The key is, however, that it will make use of the document feeder.
I don't want to scan 100 individual pages into TIFF files and then combine
them manually.

        Any ideas appreciated.


Rich Cini
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