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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sat Jan 3 18:09:38 2004

>>> It doesn't take ANSI color strings ( ESC [ x ; y x ),
>> [???] (When people speak of "ANSI colour", then usually mean the
>> ISO 6429 values to the SGR (CSI-...-m) sequence; if there really is
>> such a thing as an ANSI sequence for colour, I'd like to find out
>> more about it.)
> That should be ESC [ x ; y m

> I don't know what standard it is/isn't,

CSI-...-m (ESC-[ is the 7-bit version of CSI) is specified in ANSI
X3.64 (which builds on X3.41). However, X3.64 specifies only parameter
values 0 through 7 and 10 through 20, at least in the revision I read.
Parameter values 8, 30..37, and 40..47 (the latter two ranges
specifying colours) are, apparently, specified by ISO 6429, though I
don't know where I found that; I don't know whether ANSI has picked
them up nor, if so, under what standard or revision.

> but it's used in every "color VT-100" terminal emulation I know of...
> the ANSI.SYS for MS-DOS, and Linux's "linux" terminal type, to name
> two of them.

Oh, certainly. It's just that calling it ANSI is, as far as I know, a
misnomer; the SGR sequence (CSI-...-m) is ANSI, but not the
colour-selecting parameter values. (Such things usually, actually,
implement both less and more than X3.64, even ignoring the SGR
parameter issue. They usually do some things that VT-100s do that
aren't specified in X3.64, like ESC-[-...-r (CSI-...-p through
CSI-...-~ are reserved for private use by X3.64) and don't do a lot of
things X3.64 does specify (like DAQ, GSM/GSS, HTJ, JFY, SL...there is
an awful lot in X3.64 that I've never actually seen implemented).

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