H960 rack question - ra81, 11/45 etc.

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sun Jan 4 20:58:33 2004

I'm finally starting to look at my options for putting together some of my
DEC gear into complete refurbed systems. I was thinking of using an RA81
drive with my 11/45. However, best as I can eyeball it, the RA81 drive won't
fit into the H960 rack depth-wise (at least, with a proper back door on it
like mine has - and I want it to be able to close). The RA81 drives I have
are in a tall white corp cabinet, except two are in another H960 rack (which
has no back door). From looking at those two, I don't think a back door (on
my other 960 rack) would close (the two RA81's in the current 960 without
the back door looks like - ummm an amateur job).

Can someone confirm or deny, before I start going to the grief of racking
heavy drives & such?

Was also wrestling with the idea of whether to put an 11/34 into a
mid-height corp cab, or an H960. Which is more authentic, or are they both?
I don't recall seeing 34's in white corp cabs. If I did that, it would
probably use RL02's. I forget the disk requirements for a reasonable
RT11/TSX+ system, I think two RL02's may be cutting it close. Any advice?


Jay West
Received on Sun Jan 04 2004 - 20:58:33 GMT

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