APF Imagination Machine?

From: Jim Davis <jpdavis_at_gorge.net>
Date: Mon Jan 5 10:53:38 2004

Ethan Dicks wrote:

>I'm trying to track down a game I once saw in the late 1970s... my memory
>of it is that it's an underwater game, where you move your sub from left
>to right (side view of the world), and dodge obstacles like seaweed and
>marine life.
>There's a distinct possibility that this was on an APF Imagination Machine.
>I do remember it was a brightly-colored game, and was *not* on something
>common like an Apple ][. I was into PETs, so seeing a game of this color
>and visual complexity was quite stunning at the time.
>Does this ring any bells with anyone? Is there a good place to see
>screen shots of APF games?
The atari 800 had a game like you describe. I'm sure I still have it,
but I can't give you name
at the moment. It was a side scroller with lots of tricky passages,
monsters and very colorful.
Jim Davis.
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