MicroVax II question

From: TRASH3_at_splab.cas.neu.edu <(TRASH3_at_splab.cas.neu.edu)>
Date: Mon Jan 5 17:29:09 2004

well, I have the microvax III cpu in my ba123, because I got tired of
the slow speed of the mvax II. I had to diddle with systartup, as it
could not figure out my configuration, but it has been running for nearly
10 years that way. The mvax III cpu had the S handles, i took them off.

I saw dialog on size limitations for hard drives on mvax II, perhaps only
2 gb possible? Anyway, I also use an Emulex QD01 to run a SCSI rewriteable
optical drive, so there are other means of getting SCSI.

Joe Heck
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