KZQSA and disks, was Re: MicroVax II question

From: Steven M Jones <>
Date: Tue Jan 6 05:30:05 2004

Jochen Kunz wrote:
> Unfortunately this SCSI adapter is worthless. AFAIK the KZQSA does _not_
> support MSCP / TMSCP. It was intended as a "tape only adapter" for VAX
> 4000 systems.

I'm virtually certain I've used a KZQSA in a VAX 4000 model 500
to attach an CD drive to the system and install OpenVMS 6 or 7.
This may be completely compatible with what Jochen wrote, I've
been up all night and the higher functions are going fast...

Didn't actually try a hard drive as there were sufficient DSSI
drives in the system box, but I could try that out sometime this
week I suppose.

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