'Free to a good home'

From: Doug Peksa <PeksaDO_at_Cardiff.ac.uk>
Date: Tue Jan 6 07:18:35 2004

My, I've never been so popular.

Sorry to disappoint overseas subscribers but I would really not like to even
think of the transportation logistics.

I've e-mailed the lucky winners (Dan & Pete) who were selected on a first
come first served basis and the fact that they will pick them up.

Forgot to mention that the PDP11/04 also has a GT40 & light pen.

For those who asked -

It's a space issue and the realisation (after collecting for 18 years - yes it
that long) that I can't keep everything and don't have the time to keep
everything in good working order. The Perq provided many months of
entertainment and the PDP11/04 many years - but I haven't used the Perq
seriously for a number of years and the PDP11/04 at all since the RK11D broke
in 2000. I shall seriously miss running ADVENT on a UNIBUS PDP sitting at
the LA36 console wearing my ear defenders. I shall also miss LANDER which ran
on the GT40 and was controlled by the lightpen. McDonalds get everywhere
don't they ;-).

Anyway I hope the new owners have as much fun with them as I did.


PS There will be more stuff at a later date.
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